Top 5 DMV Locations in NJ

Do you need to renew your driver’s license? Do you need to get an updated registration for your vehicle? Finding the closest Department of Motor Vehicles location might be the easiest choice, but your personal experience at the DMV is extremely important. Long wait times, poor customer service, and other factors can ruin the overall experience of going to a New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission location. Of course, while not being the most thrilling experience, having an efficient experience at NJ MVC can make your day. First, check to see if your NJ MVC business can be completed online. If not, here are the top 6 Department of Motor Vehicles locations in New Jersey. These Motor Vehicle Commission locations were chosen based on their Google reviews and their Google ratings by customers.

1. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission - 181 Routes 31 & 202 B, Flemington, NJ

One of the highest-rated DMV locations in New Jersey resides in Flemington. With 4.1 stars on Google, this DMV location boasts great service and processing times. While it may be out of the way for some customers, convenience and efficiency is something that cannot be beaten. With stellar reviews and great customer service, customers love to visit this location. As one of the reviews reads, “The supervisor came out about 30 minutes before opening to give out numbers, verify that documents could be processed at their location, and to guide us on what the process would be inside.” This type of customer service and efficiency leads to a great overall experience.

2. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission - 51 Sparta Ave., Newton, NJ

One of the busier locations in New Jersey, the Newton, NJ, location remains one of the higher-rated locations in the area. This MVC location has received a 4.1-star rating on Google. Customers may experience a longer wait, but the efficiency of this location remains one of the best. One customer wrote, “If you don’t print out the forms you need, at some point while waiting they hand them to you in line so that you have a chance to complete them as you’re waiting. Once in the building, you’re in and out in 10-15min and everyone is very nice.”

3. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission - 404 E Washington Ave., Washington, NJ

This DMV location in New Jersey is one of the more organized and efficient locations in the state. With 3.8 stars on Google, this location has plenty of quality reviews, praising the employees and the location for its timeliness and efficiency. One customer had this to say about the location, “I had an appointment but arrived about 40 min early. They took me immediately, I was in and out in 5 min. What a pleasure! This location should be the training example of how all the other motor vehicles offices should be run.” Whether you need a new registration or license, this location would be perfect for all your needs!

4. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission - 10 Roosevelt Pl, Somerville, NJ

Wait times can vary at the MVC from location to location. Most customers suggest showing up an hour and a half to two hours before the office opens and hands out ticket numbers. The Somerville, NJ, location is no different in terms of wait times, but they handle their long lines efficiently. Their efficiency has earned them a 4.0-star rating on Google. Giving out tickets and allowing customers to be in a text message queue, gives customers a chance to actually leave the line and come back when the office is ready. One customer wrote, “I submitted my phone number at 8:40am. At this point, we’re allowed to leave and go get breakfast or whatever. They’ll text you a few minutes before you need to be at the entrance.”

5. DMV Hazlet - 1374 NJ-36, Hazlet, NJ

This DMV location in Hazlet, NJ features a great location and excellent customer service. Located in the Airport Plaza Shopping Center, just off of NJ-36, this office has a very convenient location for new and returning customers. This MVC office carries a 3.3-star rating on Google and is one of the better-reviewed locations in terms of customer service and wait times. One customer writes, “I had to visit the place twice in the last week. Both times I had a good experience. I had to make my booking online for the first visit, the second visit was scheduled by the DMV on a special basis. Officers and personnel are very helpful and friendly. This made the entire experience smooth and efficient. I drove all the way from Jersey City to this location, well worth it.”

6. Bergen County MVC - 350 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland, NJ

Conveniently located within the Coppertree Mall, the Bergen County MVC is one of the most popular DMV locations in Bergen County. While the office may see a lot of customers, this MVC office does a fantastic job of moving through lines quickly and efficiently. This location has a 3.3-star rating on Google and features several outstanding reviews on their customer service practices. One of these MVC customers wrote in a Google review, “This DMV is by far the best in the state. I live next to the one in North Bergen, but I’d much rather travel here! I think I spent 15-20 minutes there setting up my new registration and transferring my license. I highly recommend this place!!!”

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