Terms and Conditions

Nomad On-Site Vehicle Maintenance Terms and Conditions

Cancellation, Rescheduling, and Refund Policy
Nomad may collect payment information in advance of service. Paying in advance allows us to hold your appointment time, including the travel time it takes for our technician to drive to and from your location, and purchase required materials. Some customers will pay in full in advance; others will see a ‘hold’ (pre-authorization) on their credit card with final payment collected after service.

Cancellations more than 2 days in advance will be refunded in full.
Cancellations less than 2 days in advance are subject to a $10 fee.
Appointments may be rescheduled for another time for no added charge.

Every effort will be made to honor the customer’s appointment window. Appointments that cannot be completed as scheduled due to traffic, delays at other appointments, weather, or other factors, will be rescheduled free of charge.

Nomad No-Stress Guarantee
Our mission is to bring you the easiest, most driver-friendly car maintenance you’ve ever had. If anything about your service is unsatisfactory, we promise to make it right or refund your payment in full.

Authorization to Enter Private Property
By scheduling an appointment with Nomad, you authorize the technician to enter the private property for the purposes of performing automotive maintenance. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to arrange any additional permissions required, such as from an office facility, landlord, or security staff. If the technician is unable to access the vehicle, the appointment price will not be refunded.

Nomad cannot perform automotive service on public property including streets, parks, or municipal lots.

Automotive Maintenance Limitations of Liability
Due to being a mobile service, Nomad provides maintenance to specific vehicle components. No guarantee is made that problems with vehicle components outside of the ordered service will be identified or addressed. By using the Nomad service, customer agrees that Nomad will not be held liable for vehicle problems outside the scope of the ordered service. Vehicle components outside the scope of service that malfunction following Nomad service are the sole responsibility of the customer. Parts and labor provided by Nomad are guaranteed for 6 months, exclusive of wear-and- tear items.

Every effort will be made to identify unknown vehicle problems during a visual inspection and notify the customer. This service is provided as a courtesy to the customer and does not constitute any guarantee of vehicle’s overall condition or state of repair. Nomad’s services seek to maintain and prolong operation of vehicle components. Nomad is not liable for any damage or injury resulting from accident or malfunction of safety or control systems.

Nomad employs experienced technicians and the latest maintenance technology to deliver premium automotive care while taking every precaution to prevent damage to vehicles, property, and the environment.

Online Payments
Nomad accepts payments via a secure third-party processor called Authorize.net in order to provide maximum security of customers’ financial data. Nomad provides a secure environment in which to access this payment system. Nomad retains customer vehicle, address, and contact info to support future services but does not save customer payment information. Customer payment information is tokenized and sent off-site to process any current and future payments to Nomad.

Authorize.net is responsible for protecting the security of Payment Data in their possession and will maintain commercially reasonable administrative, technical, and physical procedures to protect all the personal information regarding you that is stored on their servers from unauthorized access and accidental loss or modification.

You can view Authorize.net’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at www.Authorize.net.

Nomad will use your personal information (name, email, phone number, vehicle information, and address information) only for the purposes of delivering the automotive maintenance services you sign up for, and reminders to help you keep up with future maintenance service. Your personal information will not be shared with any other parties.

You can view Nomad’s web Privacy Policy HERE.

Questions may be asked at any time by filling out the form on the ‘Contact’ page, or by emailing Appointments@NomadOil.com.