Local Guide to the Best Inspection Stations in New Jersey

If you own a commercial vehicle and have it registered with the state, you can get your car inspected for free at a state inspection facility. You may also use a private inspection facility, which may be more convenient for you although there will be a fee.

Though there are several inspection stations that we recommend, the most important part of inspecting your commercial vehicle is making sure that it works with your time. For that, Nomad is the more convenient choice because we come directly to you at your headquarters.

If you still prefer going to inspection stations, this guide will introduce you to the best inspection stations in New Jersey.

Best Inspection Stations in New Jersey:

1. Newark Car Inspection Station

This location can be found at 228 Frelinghuysen Ave and is one of the top-rated inspection stations in the state. You can get your car inspected quickly here, as the lines are typically short.

2. Deptford Car Inspection Station

The Deptford Car Inspection Station is another state-run inspection station with high-reviews. Typically, people spend under an hour at this inspection site. The staff is welcoming and helpful according to the reviews.

3. Motor Vehicle Commission Secaucus Car Inspection Station

The Secaucus inspection station offers some of the best customer services in the New Jersey area. With over 1200 positive reviews you can’t go wrong visiting this location. Your car will get inspected rapidly and thoroughly. You can find this station on Secaucus road.

4. Lakewood Car Inspection Station

The final state inspection station we will introduce is the Lakewood station. This location has close to 800 positive reviews and is well-loved by the local population. Inspections here are pleasant and fast. You can even visit this station during your lunch break and won’t find long lines.

Are your commercial vehicles too busy to make the drive to an NJ MVC inspection station?

Check out Nomad’s on-site vehicle inspection services to help you maximize productivity and keep your vehicles on the road.