5 Tips for Selling Your Used Vehicle

Selling a car on your own doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Plus, it can be quite profitable, especially when there’s high demand and low supply.

But you can’t forget that you’re competing with other sellers. As such, it usually pays to go the extra mile.

5 Tips for Selling Your Used Vehicle

So what can you do to make your used car stand out from others?
Here are five suggestions of what to take into account.

  • Determine your asking price. Your car’s value will depend on various factors, including its make, model and age — and your location. Research your vehicle to find the current value; Kelley Blue Book is a great place to start. Consider asking for a little above your target price to allow room for negotiation.
  • Have a replacement plan. It’s a good idea to search out potential replacements before putting your car on the market. Remember, used car prices are up because both new and used vehicles are in short supply. You don’t want to end up without a vehicle if you need one.
  • Give the car a deep cleaning. Buyers want a vehicle that appears well-cared for, and a filthy one simply doesn’t fit the bill. Removing clutter and debris from the interior and washing the car inside and out can go a long way. But a professional detailing job could go even further to convince buyers.
  • Make necessary repairs. Repairs may help increase the car’s perceived value and visual appeal, plus it indicates that you’ve taken good care of the vehicle. For example, defogging old headlights improves both looks and functionality.
  • Get great photos of the exterior and interior. With so many buyers shopping almost exclusively online, high-quality images are essential. Show the vehicle from every possible angle. Be sure to point out any flaws, such as dents or scratches, since leaving them out can make it appear that you have something to hide.

Planning to sell a vehicle soon? Just need repairs or maintenance? Get in touch for help.