6 Tips for Safely Jump-Starting a Car

Car batteries can lose their charge for many reasons — for example, if you accidentally leave your headlights on overnight. Even allowing a vehicle to sit unused for an extended period can be enough to drain its battery of power. And when a battery does die, jumper cables can provide a fast solution. But jump-starting […]

What do car insurance policies cover?

Is the thought of selecting an auto insurance policy enough to make your eyes glaze over? Don’t feel bad — understanding the different policy types, coverage amounts and potential additions can be a challenge, even for a pro. But if you’re in an accident, having the right policy can mean the difference between a minor […]

What’s caused the car supply shortage?

Material shortages have caused supply chain issues for a number of industries, and the automotive industry has been no exception. Your vehicle, like many other devices, relies on computer chips to operate. Thanks to the tech boom, these chips were already in short supply when the pandemic further exacerbated the situation. But how exactly did […]

5 Tips for Selling Your Used Vehicle

Selling a car on your own doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Plus, it can be quite profitable, especially when there’s high demand and low supply. But you can’t forget that you’re competing with other sellers. As such, it usually pays to go the extra mile. So what can you do to make your […]